Prize Fund
Competition prizes: Grand Prix - $ 20,000, I prize - $ 15,000, II prize - $ 10,000, III prize - $ 7,000, IV prize - $ 4,000, V prize - $ 2,000
Competition benefits
All winners of the qualifying round of the competition receive a prize in the form of payment for all expenses associated with participation in the competition: air or train travel from the place of stay to Krasnoyarsk and back, accommodation in an economy class single room of a 3 stars hotel, three meals a day for the entire stay in Krasnoyarsk.
Invaluable Experience
All performances will be public. Finalists of the competition will perform with the leading orchestras of the Siberian Federal District of Russia - the Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra and the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra.
It is a great honor and great joy for me to be a part of such a significant cultural event as the International Viktor Tretyakov Violin Competition.

It is hardly possible to find a greater source of inspiration than the competition's order for the creation of a compulsory piece for the second round, which will be learnt by all participants of the competition, and then performed by the best of the best! The piece I wrote is called "Siberian Blues." I sincerely hope that it will appeal to both contestants and listeners, including the Krasnoyarsk audience. This new piece is dedicated to my friend and one of the greatest violinists not only of our time, but of the entire history of violin art - Viktor Tretyakov. I wish the competition to flourish and to have great success!

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Rosenblatt

Victor Tretiyakov Second Intornational
Violin Competition is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk region.

The jury of the competition includes outstanding violinists of our time, most of whom are also members of the jury of the International Tchaikovsky Competition and professors of the largest music universities in the world. The jury is headed by the world famous musician Viktor Tretyakov.

The competition is held once every two years.

Stages of the Competition

The Competition consists of 5 stages that are a qualifying round and four main rounds. The applicants will be chosen by submitted videos, the top 25 violinists will be invited to participate in the main rounds of the Competition that will be held in Krasnoyarsk from September 20 to October 1, 2021


violinists will take part in the first round

of them will be chosen for the second round

musicians will perform in the third one

violinists will compete for the prizes in the final round
Prizes and awards
Grand prize
$20 000
Special award
I prize
$ 15 000
II prize
$ 10 000
III prize
$ 7 000
IV prize
$ 4 000
V prize
$ 2 000
Award of the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Uss
500 000
Award of the Mayor of Krasnoyarsk Sergei Eremin
200 000
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