III Competition

The results of the preselection round

The results of the absentee preselection round of the III Viktor Tretyakov International Violin Competition have been summed up. In 2023, the Executive Directorate of the Competition received applications from 15 countries. Besides Russians, young musicians from Armenia, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, Slovenia, the USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Japan expressed their desire to take part in the prestigious creative competitions. Among the contestants are students and graduates of the Moscow State Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky, the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, the Shanghai Conservatory, the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, the Juilliard School and other prestigious music universities.

According to the decision of the preselection jury headed by maestro Viktor Tretyakov, 25 most talented violinists were invited to participate in the main rounds.

Winners of the preselection round will be provided with air and railway tickets to Krasnoyarsk, where the main rounds of the competition will take place from September 20 to October 1, and return ticket after the competition, as well as hotel accommodation.

Winners of the preselection round*:
1. Gawon Kim (23 years) Republic of Korea
2. Nurlybek Abylai (23 years) Kazakhstan
3. Kokoro Imagawa (25 years) Japan
4. Zaletel-Černoš Rok (24 years) Slovenia
5. Senatulova Polina (22 years) Russia
6. Cai Yuran (29 years) China
7. Islyamov Ravil (22 years) Russia
8. Zharova Galiya (31 years) Russia
9. Pospekhina Stefaniya (16 years) Russia
10. Yujie Xu (21 years) China
11. Kornev Aleksandr (29 years) Russia
12. Wang Haoge (23 years) China / USA
13. Li Aleksandra (28 years) Russia
14. Fang Yinuo (17 years) China
15. Krishchyan Artur (19 years) Russia
16. Lin Ruifeng (23 years) China
17. Tereshchenko Ivan (17 years) Russia
18. Abramova Valeriya (21 years) Russia
19. Manza Darya (19 years) Russia
20. Kolesnikov Timur (19 years) Russia
21. Kobzareva Naina (25 years) Russia
22. Yakusheva Inna (25 years) Russia
23. Zhao Yinan (24 years) China
24. Papushev Aleksandr (19 years) Russia
25. Kogan Daniil (30 years) Russia / Canada

We congratulate all on their success at the preselection round of the competition and look forward to the main rounds.

Participants who have passed to the main rounds of the competition, but for some reason will not be able to take part in it, please notify the Executive Directorate in writing by e-mail: before July 27 (inclusive).

*The age of the participants is indicated at the time of the competition