I Competition

First round participants

We announce the names of 25 violinists from all over the world who will continue to compete at the auditions in front of the impartial jury in Krasnoyarsk from September 23 to October 1 at the I International Viktor Tretyakov Violin Competition.

We would like to remind you that the Competition Executive Directorate has accepted 60 applications from candidates from 22 countries. During the week the Selection Committee assessed the skill of the applicants by the provided videos.

First round participants

1. Leonid Zhelezny / Russia
2. Polina Senatulova / Russia
3. Akbike Algi / Kazakhstan
4. Alina Kuroyedova / Russia
5. Giuseppe Gibboni / Italy
6. Kristina Galano / Philippines-USA
7. Filipe Abreu / Portugal-Belgium
8. Takamori Arai / Japan
9. Runyin Zhang / China
10. Lisa Yasuda / Japan
11. Jiang Zhenyi / China
12. Shisa Kitagawa /Japan
13. Sergey Dogadin / Russia-Austria
14. Baik Gun / Republic of Korea
15. Rimma Benyumova / Russia-Germany
16. Zhu Minjia / China
17. Jung Min Choi / Republic of Korea-USA
18. Ming Liu / China
19. Samuel Andrew Staples / UK
20. He Shucong / China
21. Pyotr Lundstrem / Russia
22. Fedor Ludewig / Russia
23. Fanglei Liu / Republic of Korea-Germany
24. Do Gyung Anna Im / Republic of Korea
25. Alexey Stychkin / Russia
We wish you good luck and looking forward to seeing you in Krasnoyarsk!

If for some reason any of the announced candidates will not be able to come to Krasnoyarsk we kindly ask you to inform the Competition Executive Directorate not later than August 5 by e-mail

In this case, the Organizing Committee will have the right to invite those who have got the most points from the waiting list.


Due to the refusal of Lisa Yasuda (Japan) to participate in the competition by the jury decision, violinist Areg Navasardyan (Armenia / Russia) took her place.