I Competition

Competition Opening Ceremony

The Chairman of the Jury Viktor Tretyakov and the acting Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk region Elena Mironenko opened the competition.

"I am happy that such a competition will be held in my hometown. I am excited to be here and cannot wait to hear contestants young violinists from different countries. I wish them to feel nervous at the competition. However, I wish them a pleasant excitement, but at the same time, the head should control everything. Whatever the results will be, they should not feel disappointment, because they are already selected for this competition, and, therefore, they are worthy individuals in music."
Viktor Tretyakov, Chairman of the Jury

"Since the competition is held for the first time and for us is long- awaited, I wish the competition and maestro Viktor Tretyakov bright creative years and great attention from the participants to this event."
Elena Mironenko, Acting Minister of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk region

The Jury selected 25 musicians to participate in the first round, but for various reasons, four of them could not come to Krasnoyarsk. Thus, 21 participants will compete for the main prizes of the competition.

The result of the drawing is the order in which participants will take part in the competitive auditions:

1. Alexey Stychkin / Russia
2. Alina Kouroedova / Russia
3. Jung Min Choi / Republic of Korea-USA
4. Zhu Minjia / China
5. Areg Navasardyan / Armenia-Russia
6. Kristine Galano / Philippines-USA
7. Fedor Ludewig / Russia
8. Do Gyung Anna Im / Republic of Korea
9. Takamori Arai / Japan
10. Runyin Zhang / China
11. Ryan Howland / Canada
12. Filipe Abreu / Portugal-Belgium
13. Rimma Benyumova / Russia-Germany
14. Shucong He / China
15. Petr Lundstrem / Russia
18. Zjenyi Jiang / China
19. Ming Liu / China
20. Leonid Zhelezny / Russia
21. Polina Senatulova / Russia

Chisa Kitagawa (Japan) and Sergey Dogadin (Russia), who could not attend the Opening Ceremony, will compete for the 16th and 17th places.

The first International Viktor Tretyakov Violin Competition will be held from 23 September to 01 October in Krasnoyarsk. 60 applicants aged 16 to 32 from 22 countries applied for the competition. 21 musicians from Portugal, Russia, China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Canada, and the USA will take part in the competition.