II Competition

Results of the II round

The Competition Jury chose eight participants to go to the next round.
These people are:

Eugene Kawai (18) Japan
Yakow Pavlenko (17) Ukraine / Germany
Pyotr Fedotov (24) Russia
María Dueñas (18) Spain / Austria
Kumi Shimizu (30) Japan / Denmark
Kenneth Naito (21) USA
Maria Lundina (21) Russia
Julia Jones (17) USA

The program includes concerts for violin and orchestra by W.A. Mozart.
It is no coincidence that Mozart's works are included in the compulsory programs of prestigious competitions: the natural and unintended simplicity of Mozart, whose music has strength, passion, tragedy, depth, and, at the same time, crystal transparency and purity - that only a true professional can play.

The performances of the semifinalists are accompanied by Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra
Artistic Director and Chief Conductor - Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation Mikhail Benyumov. Conductor - Maria Benyumova (Germany).