III Competition

List of the participants for the main rounds has been updated

According to the results of the absentee preselection round, 25 violinists received an invitation to the first main round of the competition.

Most of the performers confirmed their desire to participate in prestigious music competitions in the homeland of Viktor Tretyakov. However, there were also those who could not arrive in Krasnoyarsk at the time of the competition due to objective reasons.

According to the Regulations, in this case, the next ranked applicants of the preselection round get a chance to win.

We are publishing the final list of participants in the III Viktor Tretyakov International Violin Competition (age is indicated at the time of the competition):

  1. Nurlybek Abylai (23 years) Kazakhstan
  2. Kokoro Imagawa (25 years) Japan
  3. Zaletel-Černoš Rok (24 years) Slovenia
  4. Cai Yuran (29 years) China
  5. Zharova Galiya (31 years) Russia
  6. Pospekhina Stefaniya (16 years) Russia
  7. Yujie Xu (21 years) China
  8. Kornev Aleksandr (29 years) Russia
  9. Li Aleksandra (28 years) Russia
  10. Fang Yinuo (16 years) China
  11. Krishchyan Artur (19 years) Russia
  12. Lin Ruifeng (23 years) China
  13. Tereshchenko Ivan (17 years) Russia
  14. Abramova Valeriya (21 years) Russia
  15. Manza Darya (19 years) Russia
  16. Kolesnikov Timur (19 years) Russia
  17. Kobzareva Naina (25 years) Russia
  18. Yakusheva Inna (25 years) Russia
  19. Zhao Yinan (24 years) China
  20. Kogan Daniil (30 years) Russia / Canada
  21. Filatov Vladimir (32 years) Russia
  22. Efimova Nelli (20 years) Russia

Let us remind you that there are four main rounds in the competition. No more than 12 violinists out of 22 lucky ones will be allowed to participate in the second main round. In the third round, 8 musicians will perform, and only 6 finalists will compete for the main prizes and awards.