About Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is a great city located on a great river. It is a capital of the Krasnoyarsk region, the second largest region in Russia.

Krasnoyarsk was founded almost four centuries ago as an eastern outpost. Today it is the largest economic and cultural center of Eastern Siberia, a millionaire city with unique colors and especial eclecticism. Here industrial giants coexist with the world-class ski resorts, wild taiga neighbors exotic palm trees, and glass business towers stand near the merchant estates of the 19th century. It is a city of bridges and fountains, "The Pillars" and theaters, with its own chapel, Triumphal Arch and Big Ben. It is a homeland of artists, sportsmen, dancers and singers.

The city on the Yenisei is included in the list of the most attractive Russian cities for travelers. Krasnoyarsk stretches along both banks of the mighty river; it is framed with the chain of the Sayan Mountains. The city enchants with its majesty, vigour and beauty of the harsh northern nature. There are few places in the world where a national park is located within the city area. "Krasnoyarsk Stolby" ("The Pillars") is a nature reserve, where about a hundred of rocks of fancy forms rise above the endless taiga. Some of the rocks are several million years old. Here you can feel the energy of pure nature and enjoy breathtaking views.

Siberia is a land of beautiful nature and talented people. Krasnoyarsk is a homeland of such famous people as a painter Vasily Surikov, an actress Marina Ladynina, a composer Pavel Ivanov-Radkevich, an opera singer Pyotr Slovtsov, a film director Viktor Tregubovich, an actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky, a writer Viktor Astafiev, a conductor Ivan Shpiller, a choreographer Mikhail Godenko, an opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky, an opera singer Vladislav Pyavko, and a violinist Viktor Tretyakov.

The unique landscapes, historic landmarks, and eventful cultural life with a great number of festivals, competitions, fairs and exhibitions, annually attract dozens of thousands of tourists to the center of Siberia to get vivid impressions and warm memories.
Viewing point «Tsar ryba» («Tsar fish)
It is located on Sliznevsky hill near Ovsyanka village, the birthplace of a famous writer Victor Astafyev, at 23 km of the Divnogorskaya highway.
The chapel of Praskeva Pyatnitsa
Orthodox chapel is one of the symbols of Krasnoyarsk. It is on the top of Karaulnaya Mountain where ancient pagan temple of the Tatars-Kachins used to be located. Local tribes named the mountain Kum-tegey (translated from Turkic as «sandy top / hill).
The flora and fauna park «Roev ruchey» («Roev Creek)
The only zoo beyond the Urals where you can see giraffes, penguins, chimpanzees and many other kinds of exotic animals. The zoological collection of the park «Roev Ruchey in Russia is second only to the Moscow Zoo.
Theaters and museums
Pushkin Drama Theater
It is one of the oldest theaters in Siberia. Forbes magazine included it in the top ten in Russia.

Mira str, 83
The Museum center «Ploschad Mira» («Peace Square)
It was named as the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center until 2017. It is the largest in Siberia presentation platform of Russian and European contemporary art.

Mira str, 1
Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre named after D. Hvorostovsky
The largest opera and ballet theater beyond the Urals. It is named after the great baritone of our age Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Perensona str, 2
Trattoria Formaggi
All the hits of Italian cuisine like pasta, risotto, pizza cooked in a wood stove are collected in the menu of this restaurant located in the downtown of Krasnoyarsk.
Mira str, 15
0,75 please
Wine restaurant with Nordic and Scandinavian cuisine is located in the basement of the renovated building opposite the Pushkin Theater.

Mira str, 86
Baran y biser (Sheep and pearls)
Сlassic Middle Eastern cuisine. The menu includes Georgian cuisine, European cuisine, Uzbek cuisine, khinkali.

Mira str, 19 Building 1
Night Clubs and Bars
Yushin Brothers
Yushin Brothers is a creative space with an interesting interior and a varied program. Musical evenings, lectures, performances and much more.

Karla Marksa str, 102 a
There are bookshelves, a heavy chandelier and a sculpture «Girl with a fork in the bar. In the evening «Bulgakov» is good for family dinners and romantic dates.

Surikova str, 12
A place with a special gastronomic idea, an up-to-date author's bar and bright events.

Uritskogo str, 94